SAHAY Yojana Jharkhand 2024 – For youth of naxal affected areas

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In Jharkhand, with the aim of removing fear from the naxal affected areas and improving the skills of the youth, an initiative has been taken by Chief Minister Hemant Soren to benefit them through sports nursery.

Through this assistance scheme, youth will be encouraged in sports in almost all the areas affected due to naxalism.

This scheme is still in its first phase. And this year has been started from 15th December, 2021. After this, all the work like making the facility online, organizing sports fair, incentive money to the youth, etc. will be done.

In this article, we will share with you some essential information that will show you about this scheme and the benefits that will come from the scheme in the future.

SAHAY Yojana Jharkhand 2024

help This is a scheme to reduce the fear of youth in the areas affected by Naxal of Jharkhand and highlight their talent.

Full name of SAHAY scheme Sports Aaction towards Harnessing Ainspiration of Youth Is.

“For years, some areas of Jharkhand have been affected by Naxalism, but attempts to make it horrific were made by other people who do not know about the tribal, indigenous, language, culture and tradition here.

They are not recovering from the picture they have fabricated. We have to try to change this picture. To create an atmosphere of smile in the remote forests of Jharkhand.

Efforts will be made to create a positive environment in the fields, barns, towns, so that no one can woo our youth.

Hemant Soren (Chief Minister of Jharkhand)

This scheme by Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren 15 December 2021 has been started from. The scheme has been done to benefit the youth of naxal affected areas.

This announcement was made by the minister at the Divisional Level Aapka Adhikar, Aapki Sarkar, Aapko Aapse program organized in Chaibasa.

Under this scheme, youth have been encouraged to take up sports. This will expose their talent.

Through this, boys and girls of these areas will be involved in sports competition under the scheme. The Naxal affected areas which have been added in the initial phase under the scheme are as follows-

  • West Singhbhum
  • chaibasa
  • Seraikela-Kharsawan
  • Seraikela
  • peg
  • simdega
  • Gumla

Objectives of SAHAY Yojana Jharkhand

Sahay Yojana Jharkhand is still in its initial phase, and this scheme is moving forward with these objectives;

  • To increase the recognition of Jharkhand in the sports world.
  • Removal of fear for Naxal areas.
  • To encourage the youth of these areas.
  • To promote sports and sports talent.
  • Organizing sports at all levels.

Other Schemes of Jharkhand State

Benefits of SAHAY Yojana Jharkhand

The Sahay Yojana has been started in this year end of 2021, so there are not many examples of its benefits yet. But the following benefits have been added with the scheme;

  • Fear will go away in Naxal areas.
  • The talent of the youth will be tested.
  • The state will also get recognition in the game with minerals.
  • Boys and girls from 14 to 19 have been included in the scheme.
  • Incentive money will be given to the contestant winner.
  • Games will be organized at each level.
  • All sports have been included in the scheme.

Implementation of SAHAY Yojana Jharkhand

This scheme has been started by Hemant Soren. 10 crore has been made in the first phase of the scheme.

Initially, registration of youth from urban and rural areas will be done under Sahay Yojana. This number is said to be 72 thousand.

In the scheme, boys and girls from 14 to 19 years have been added as players, who will be selected in rural and urban areas as follows;

  • By Gram Panchayat in rural areas
  • by ward in urban areas

This work of registration will be done by the CEO in BDO Municipal Body. Players will also be provided with safety material, jersey and shorts according to the respective sports.

The data base of all these registered players will be prepared, after that various teams will be formed by the Gram Panchayat and urban wards for hockey, football, volleyball, athletics and other sports.

Then the competition of these games will be organized, and after that three best players (boys and girls) will be selected, and they will be awarded with incentive money.

jharkhand sahay yojana (Q&A)

When was Jharkhand Sahay Yojana started?

SAHAY Yojana Jharkhand scheme was started on 21st December 2021.

What is jharkhand sahay yojana?

Under this scheme, the data of the applicant (player) is prepared, after that various teams are formed by the village panchayat and urban ward for hockey, football, volleyball, athletics and other sports, after that the three best players (boys and girls) ) will be selected.

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