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Uttarakhand Parivar Register Nakal Download Online. Process to get Parivar Register Nakal form E-district portal Uttarakhand. The family register copy is an extremely important piece of paper. In this, you will get all the information related to your family members including their name, date of birth, gender and other relevant details. The Uttarakhand Family Register was recently introduced by the Government of Uttarakhand and can be accessed on the Nakal e Distik Uttarakhand website. Now you don’t need to go to any government agency to get a copy of Uttarakhand Family Register. All you need to do is visit Uttarakhand e-district portal to delete family copies from there system. Because Parivar Nakal is now available online, you will not only save money but also time.

Uttarakhand Family Register Duplicate Remove

Parivar Register Nakal contains the information of all the members of the family. So this is a very important document. It contains the name, date of birth, gender of all the members. Earlier this document was made with the help of village head and patwari, but you can also get Uttarakhand Parivar Register from the portal of Nakal e Distik Uttarakhand. Earlier you had to go to the government office to get the Uttarakhand Family Register copy, then you had to go through a very time-wasting process. But now you can get the copy of Part Two Family Register online through Uttarakhand e-district portal. Now with this online service, families can save both time and money by getting the copy with just a few clicks.

Information given in Uttarakhand Family Register copy 2024

  1. Name of Head of Household
  2. father’s name
  3. gender
  4. Religion
  5. age
  6. Business
  7. House no
  8. full address
  9. date of birth
  10. block
  11. Tahsil
  12. district
  13. Caste
  14. sub caste
  15. Village/Gram Panchayat
  16. educated or not
  17. Date
  18. education
  19. present situation

Uttarakhand Parivar Registration Nakal Highlights

Article Uttarakhand family register copy
started by Uttarakhand government
Beneficiaries of this scheme All citizens of Uttarakhand
Objective of the plan Providing correct details of all family members.
official website click here
The year 2021
Online / Offline Process online
How much is the application fee? free
What is the name of the portal? E-district, Portal Uttarkhand

Purpose of Uttarakhand Parivar Register Nakal

It is a register which contains the details of the members of the family. Through Parivar Register Nakal we can see the details of all the family members. The main objective of this scheme is to take the details of all the members of the family. After which the benefits of government schemes can be taken from Parivar Register Nakal and this document is useful in many places. Parivar Register Nakal can now be viewed by visiting the e-distic portal. Therefore, through this scheme, now people will not have to go to the government office to get the copy. And this new system will save both money and time.

Uttarakhand family register copy Benefits and Features of

  • Uttarakhand Parivar Registration Nakal contains detailed description of all the family members.
  • Uttarakhand Parivar Register Nakal is used as an important document in government schemes and in many places.
  • Students can get scholarship using this.
  • If you are buying land then you may need to copy the family register.
  • Now the Uttarakhand government can check and download the family copy for the people through the Uttarakhand e-district portal.
  • Now the applicants taking pension need this copy to take the benefit.
  • Now citizens can save both money and time by getting family register copy online.
  • Now after having this system, transparency will also come in government works.
  • Parivar Register Nakal is also taken advantage of by using it as the main document in many government schemes.
  • Under Uttarakhand Parivar Nakal, the population of all the Gram Panchayat members will be able to be ascertained accurately.

Check Uttarakhand Family Register copy online

  • Then the home page of the official website will open in front of you.
  • Now click on the option of Services in the home page.
  • now you family register You will have to click on the option of .
  • After this, a new page of the website will open in front of you, in which you have to select District, Block, Gram Panchayat, Village.
  • Now there you have to type the name of the head of the family.
  • Now after entering the name, click on the search button.
  • Through this process you will be able to see the complete information of the family.
  • You can easily download or print it too.

Know more about the Uttarakhand Parivar Register Nakal registration process here

Applicants can register by reading the procedure specified to register on e-district portal for copying Uttarakhand Parivar Register from their records.

  • You have to start by visiting the official website of Uttarakhand e-District Portal as soon as possible.
  • After that the homepage of the website will be loaded in front of you in a new tab or window.
  • You will see a link labeled “Register” on the homepage; Selecting this link will start the registration process.
  • After selecting the registration option, you will be presented with two different registration options:
    • csc registration and
    • applicant registration
    • e-district-portal-registration
  • Inside them you have to select the option of CSC registration and click on it.
  • After that, a new page will load with the registration form for you to complete. As shown in the image below –
  • Uttarakhand E-District Registration- Now you have to enter all the information sought in the application form. This includes your User ID, Name, Father’s Name or Husband’s Name, Age, Gender, Urban/Rural, District, Tehsil, Gram Panchayat, Mobile Number, Email ID and the Captcha Code provided to you.
  • After completing the previous step, which is to click on the “Submit” button, then the PIN will be sent to that mobile number
  • with which you registered.
    After whose entry you have to click on Active Account.
  • If you proceed in this way your registration process will come to an end.

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