Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh for Every Class.

Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh For Every Class- There are 4 seasons in India in a year, out of which the rainy season is also one. The rainy season is also called the rainy season. rainy season which is common in india June 15 to September 15 It is no less than a boon for farmers and plants. New enthusiasm is seen in the atmosphere during the rainy season.

Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh

In school, teachers often give their children to write essays on rainy season and children have to face difficulty in writing many essays. But in today’s article, we are providing the article of Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh to small and dear children. In the article we Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh For Every Class Made available School children can prepare for writing essay on Varsha Ritu with the help of this article.

Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh for Every Class ,essay on rainy season

Preface Rainy season is the most liked season among other seasons of India, in this season many changes are seen in the environment. This season provides respite from the sweltering heat of June-July. The ambient temperature drops to some extent due to which people get respite from the heat. Rainy season is the season coming after the summer season, in which there is a lot of rain. The atmosphere cools down during the rainy season, which gives relief to everyone from the heat.

With the arrival of this season, the fields become green. New leaves and flowers start coming in the trees. With the drop in temperature, the weather starts to be in a pleasant mood.

Importance of Varsha Ritu

Rainy season has great importance in common life. It not only makes the environment pleasant but is no less than a boon for humans, animals and plants. It is no less than a boon for the farmers also because most of the farmers depend on rain for farming. Due to the absence of rain, not only human life but also nature and animals have a bad effect. You can understand the importance of rain from the fact that in its absence, the situation of drought comes. The living beings start getting worse due to the heat. The water level in the earth starts decreasing. Many sources of water like rivers, ponds, wells etc. dry up due to heat in the absence of rain. That’s why it is necessary to have rain because without it the existence of not only human beings but also plants and animals in the earth will end gradually.

Nature effect of rainy season on

Also by the names of rainy season, Chaumas, Varshomas, or Chaturmas Rainy Season is known. In the rainy season, new leaves start coming in the branches of all the trees and plants. The dryness of the soil ends, the hard soil becomes soft. Not only the foothills of the Himalayas, but the plains also appear green during the rainy season. The gardens and grounds are covered with beautiful meadows and the water is filled with natural sources like rivers, ponds etc. from the rain water.

In this season, potholes start forming on the roads; sometimes, due to heavy rains, the path of the hilly roads gets blocked. Excess of anything is harmful. In this season, where people get some relief from the heat, they also have to face many types of infectious diseases because of this. This season is very beneficial for the farmers, but many times they have to suffer due to excess rainfall. In this season, children also have to suffer from many diseases like- Diarrhoea, Typhoid, Dysentery, Pneumonia etc.

on our lives rainy season Effect

We all know how important water is in our life. It is difficult to imagine human life without water. In summer, the water of land or the water of rivers and ponds takes the form of clouds in the atmosphere. In the rainy season, these clouds save us from the heat. It rains due to the collision of clouds and this rain is no less than a boon for humans, animals and plants. Due to the rainy season, there is expansion of new enthusiasm and waves in the environment.

Hot Makki and Chai Pakodas are enjoyed in rainy season. In pleasant weather people enjoy it by getting drenched in drizzling rain. The more enthusiasm the rainy season brings in human life, the more the risk of infection remains in this season. Not only this, there is also a danger of natural calamities like floods, landslides in many places due to excessive rainfall, which directly affects humans, animals and plants.

Advantages and disadvantages of rainy season

Humans and animals and plants get many benefits in the rainy season, such as greenery is seen all around in nature during the rainy season. The water level of rivers, ponds, waterfalls all increases and cool winds start blowing in the atmosphere. Are. Due to which everyone gets some relief from the rising heat. As much as the benefits of the rainy season are received by human life and nature, there is also a loss due to the excessive amount of rain in this season; for example, due to excessive rainfall, a flood-like situation starts, due to which there is a lot of loss of public money.

The roads get potholed at many places and the drains get filled with water due to which the drain water starts coming on the roads. In such a situation, when rain water collects at some place, many types of insects like mosquitoes, flies are born, due to which there is a danger of diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, cholera.


Rainy season is an indicator of joy and enthusiasm. On the arrival of the rainy season, whether children or old people enjoy it a lot, greenery is seen all around. The rainy season communicates new enthusiasm not only to the human race but also to all living beings and plants. It is difficult to imagine human civilization without water. The sweet smell of soil in the rain fills our mind with enthusiasm, it spreads peace and tranquility. Understanding the importance of water, someone has said the truth –

Always explain to us grandmother,
Don’t waste water.
Finished if from the earth,
This life will disappear.
(Shyam Sunder Agarwal)

Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh FAQs –

When is Water Day celebrated?

Water Day is celebrated every year on 22 March.

Which elements are found in rain water?

Many important elements such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, ammonia, calcium, and sulfate ions are found in rain water.

Which vitamin is found in rain water?

B12 vitamin is found in rain water.

How many seasons are there in a year?

Every year spring comes from March 1 to May, summer from May to July, rain from mid-July to September, Sharad Ritu (Autumn) from September to November, Hemant from November to January, Shishir from January to mid-March.

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