What is AAYU Card? Age Card Usage, Features

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, when it comes to health-related problems, it often happens that we ignore it. Most of the reasons behind this, lack of time or even the distance to the hospital. That’s why people are not able to go to the hospital until the problem starts increasing. There are many other such reasons like not getting appointment in hospital on time etc. And in view of all these problems and keeping in mind the population of 135 crores, this new card – Aayu Card has been initiated.

Know here Aayu card benefits
Aayu card Benefits

Today we are going to tell you all about the age card through this article. In this article you will read what is age card? What are the benefits of age card? Aayu Card Which facilities are available from? You will get other important information in this article. Be sure to read the entire article to know.

What is AAYU Card?

AAYU Card is a kind of digital health card with the help of which you can get medical consultation from specialist doctors from the comfort of your home. AAYU CARD Provides you the facility to take consultation regarding the health of yourself and your family members free of cost (after taking the plans) from the comfort of your home. You can consult specialist doctors by calling when needed, without any appointment (free e-consultation) can be taken. You get this facility for 1 year.

You can get the benefit of the age card from the age application or from the nearest medical store. Which will be registered on the medical store Sehat Saathi App.

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Highlights Of Aayu Card

article name What is AAYU Card – Uses and Features.
beneficiary all citizens of the country
purpose Providing digital health cards to all and providing health related counseling sitting at home.
current year 2024
Related Apps AAYU App

How to get Age Card Aayu Card?

There are two ways you can follow to generate age card. The first of which is – through age card, and the second is – you can also get it made from your nearest health partner medical store.

If you are willing to make your age card with the help of your smart phone sitting at home, then you have to first download the Aayu App in your phone. After this, from the number with which you will register yourself on this application, you will be able to take advantage of further counseling services from it. For this, note that the three health plans provided to you in the application (Aayu Card Health Plans) to be selected.

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Plans Available in Age Card

There are mainly three types of plans given on the age card, which you can choose according to your convenience –

  1. Rs 599 :- On taking this plan, you 12 months (1 year) validity Will get you are a Anytime 5 times a year Free 24 hours anytime without appointment be able to consult,
  2. Rs 999 :- in this you too 12 Months / One Year Validity Will get during this you 12 times free consultation Can take
  3. Rs 1499 :- Under this plan you 25 times free consultation Will be this you too one year validity You can take it inside.

Know Age Card Usage and Features

  • By making age card, you can consult a doctor in relation to the health related problems of yourself and your family members sitting at home.
  • Creating Aayu Card will save you a lot of time and money. In this, you will get free health facilities sitting at home from doctors at a cost of 10 times less than normal.
  • With this card, you get the facility of taking up to 25 consultations (Online Doctor at home) in a year.
  • In this, you have to invest once in the beginning which you can use throughout the year.
  • Get rid of the hassle of making an appointment.
  • Time and money will be saved in commuting etc.
  • You can also save here your medical records and other test reports through this card, which will make it easier to show the report to the doctor for your treatment.

Question and Answer Related to Aayu Card

What is Aayu Card?

Age Card is a digital health card. Through this card, you can consult specialist doctors sitting at home for health related problems of yourself and all other members of your household.

How to Apply Online for Aayu Card?

To generate age card, you have to download age app and through this application you can apply online for age card.

What is the benefit of Aayu Card?

Age card is very beneficial. Through this card, you and all your family members can get health related consultation from specialist doctors sitting at home.

Where can I make age card?

You can make age card in two ways. First of all, by downloading the Age App on your mobile number, select the health plan according to your convenience and need and get your card made. And the second way is that you are close to you health partner You can get the age card made by visiting the medical store.

For how many days Aayu card is valid?

Once the age card is generated, your card remains valid for one year.

Today in this article we have told you Aayu Card All the important information about Hope you find this information useful. If you are interested to read about other such useful articles, then you can visit our website Hindi NVSHQ can connect with.

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