What is the population of India? How much population of India is 2024


Today in this article we will tell you that what is the population of india , tell you that year 2011 Census was conducted in which according to the report India’s population 121 crores was in Number of men 6,25,700,000 crores And Number of women 58,64,00,000 crore Was. Census 11 years later Is performed. Now year 2021 only in Census Will. In this article, we are going to tell you the population of India according to an estimate. How much population of India is there? To get information related to this, read this article carefully till the end.

how many districts are there in india [2024] , Total districts in India

What is the population of India? How much population of India is there?

if you also India’s Population If you want to know about the population of India, then through this article you can get detailed information by reading the information given by us about the population of India.

What is the population of India?

Each 11th year after 10 years In Census Is performed. Due to which the exact population of the country is known. tell you that this India’s sixteenth census Is. according to the statistics of the United Nations worldometer According to 26 July 2021 As far as Population of India 1,394,420,224 Is. Let us tell you that the most populous state of India Uttar Pradesh is who First ranked and ranked second Maharashtra The state is

how much population of india

Bharat Ki Jansankhya 2024 Highlights

Here we are going to tell you about some important things related to the population of India. You can get these information through the table given below –

article name what is the population of india
Year 2024
Country India

Some important information –

Here we are telling you some important information through some points. You can get all this information by reading these points –

  1. september year 2019 In Union Home Minister Amit Shah was told by year 2021 In census mobile app Will be conducted by and this census will be in 16 different languages. Presenting the budget in February 2021, all Union Finance Minister Sita Raman Said that this time the census will be done completely through digital medium.
  2. Census is to be conducted in the same year 2021 but due to Kovid-19 the census is being delayed.
  3. worldometer Live count of population is shown on the website.
  4. Average in India age 28.4 The year is

Which is the largest district of India? Know from the point of view of area and population

Bharat Jansankhya according to different religions

name of religion population percentage
Hindu 79.8%
Sikh 1.72%
Buddhist 0.7%
Islam 14.2%
Jain 0.37%
Christian 2.3 %
converts to other religions 0.9%

India population state wise 2024

Here we are going to tell you the population of India state wise. In the table below, we can give you the name of the state, According to the report of the census of the year 2011 (Total population), year 2024 population estimates of Going to tell To get all the information, see the information in the table given below –

state name As per 2011 census report
(total population)
Area population density
Uttar Pradesh 199,812,341 240,928 km2 828/km2
West Bengal 91,347,736 88,752km2 1,029/km2
A state in Eastern India 103,804,637 94,163km2 1,102/km2
Maharashtra 112,372,972 307,713km2 365/km2
Tamil Nadu 72,138,958 130,058km2 555/km2
Madhya Pradesh 72,597,565 308,245km2 256/km2
Karnataka 61,130,704 191,791km2 319/km2
Gujarat 60,383,628 196,024km2 308/km2
Andhra Pradesh 49,386,799 162,968 km2 303/km2
Rajasthan 68,621,012 342,259 km2 201/km2
Telangana 35,286,757 114,840km2 307/km2
Kerala 33,387,677 38,863km2 859/km2
Jharkhand 32,966,258 79,714km2 414/km2
Assam 31,169,272 78,438 km2 397/km2
Punjab 27,704,256 50,362 km2 550/km2
Odisha 41,947,358 155,707km2 269/km2
Jammu and Kashmir 12,548,926 222,256 km2 57/km2
Chhattisgarh 25,540,196 135,191km2 189/km2
Haryana 25,353,081 44,212 km2 573/km2
Himachal Pradesh 6,864,602 55,673 km2 125/km2
Tripura 3,671,032 10,486km2 350/km2
Uttarakhand 10,116,752 53,483 km2 189/km2
Manipur 2,721,756 22,327km2 122/km2
Goa 1,457,725 3,702 km2 394/km2
Nagaland 1,980,602 16,579km2 119/km2
Meghalaya 2,964,007 22,429 km2 132/km2
Sikkim 607,688 7,096 km2 86/km2
Mizoram 1,091,014 21,081km2 52/km2
Arunachal Pradesh 1,382,611    

Who is the current railway minister of India? Minister of State, First and Women Minister

Some questions and their answers related to Bharat Ki Jansankhya Kitni Hai 2024

Which is the most populous state in India?


Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India.


Which is the Union Territory with the largest population?


Delhi is the most populous union territory of the country.


Which census of India is going to be held this year?


This year the process of 16th Census of India will be started.


When was the 15th census of India completed?


In the year 2011, the 15th census of India was completed.


Which state of India is second in terms of population?


Maharashtra ranks second in terms of population.


What is the place of India in the world in terms of population?


In terms of population, India is at the second place in the world.

The population of India is what percentage of the total population of the world?


Let us tell you that the population of India is equal to 17.7 percent of the total population of the world.


Which is the least populous state of India?


Sikkim is the least populous state of India.


What will happen if the population of India increases?


With the increase in the population of the country, the size of problems like unemployment and hunger will also increase. Jobs opportunities will be less.


What is the current population of India according to Worldometer, which monitors population data?


The current population of India is 1,394,420,224 according to Worldometer, which monitors population statistics.



In this article we have given you Population of India About how much is it and some other information related to it has also been made available. Through the information given by us, you can also get information about the current population of India. If you need any information, you can ask by messaging in the comment section.

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