Abhayakiranam Scheme Application Form 2024 Financial Assistance to Destitute Widows

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Abhayakiranam Scheme Application Form 2024 Financial Assistance to Destitute Widows: A brand new program that goes by the name ‘Abhayakiranam scheme’ has recently been launched by the Social Justice Department with the intention of helping widows who are impoverished and without a house find a place to live that is both secure and more comfortable. Under this programme, close relatives of impoverished widows who provide them with protection and a place to live are eligible to receive monetary help in the amount of 1000 Rs. every month. In the first phase of the project, the State Government has granted Administrative Sanction to provide financial support to two hundred individuals at the rate of 1000 Rs apiece for a period of six months.

The primary purpose of the Abhayakiranam project is to offer widows who are impoverished and without a home a place to live that is both secure and of higher quality. The government of Kerala has given administrative clearance for the provision of financial support to two hundred individuals at the rate of one thousand rupees (Rs.) per individual for a period of six months.

Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme Application Form 2024

Here is how to fill out the Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme application form for 2024:

  • Visit the official website at http://sjd.kerala.gov.in/ as the first step. This is how the homepage of the Kerala Social Justice Department will look.
  • New users can either go directly to http://sjd.kerala.gov.in/schemes.php or click on the “Scheme” item in the main menu. The list of Kerala government programs will appear on a new page that will open.
  • List of initiatives from Kerala’s Department of Social Justice
  • To view the scheme specifics, click the “Abhayakiranam Scheme – Financial Assistance to Destitute Widows” link, To access the “Application Form” link, navigate to this page’s “Documents” section.
  • After opening as shown below, the PDF application for the Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme can be quickly obtained online.
  • This scheme form is available for download in PDF format for all candidates. Following that, candidates must accurately fill out this Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme application form and submit it to the appropriate authorities.

The concerned officer will approve your application after further verification of the completed application form and supporting documentation. The Abhayakiranam Scheme will then begin providing financial aid to all applicants, directly into their bank accounts. Under this program, relatives who house widows would receive a monthly assistance payment of Rs. 1000.

Abhayakiranam Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Each candidate must meet the qualifying requirements listed in order to be eligible for the Abhayakiranam Scheme in Kerala.

  • The candidate must be an impoverished widow who is older than 50.
  • The family’s annual income should be less than Rs. 1 lakh.
  • The candidate shouldn’t be receiving a Family or Service pension.
  • The applicant should not be a recipient of any programs run by SJD (Aswasakiranam, Samashwasam).

List of Paperwork Needed for Financial Assistance for Widows

The full list of documents that must be given with the application to qualify for financial aid as poor widows under the Abhayakiranam Scheme is provided below:-

  • a current, passport-size photo.
  • Election ID card, Aadhar card, or a certified copy of an SSLC certificate, as proof of age.
  • Ration card, income certificate from the village office, and BPL certificate attested copies.
  • Certificate from a relevant village official attesting to the applicant’s widowhood and relative protection
  • Bank account information (first page of bank passbook).

The properly completed application form must be given to the designated District Social Justice Officers together with any necessary supporting documentation.

Guidelines for selecting beneficiaries

  • The applicant (an impoverished widow) must be at least 50 years old at the absolute minimum.
  • A certified copy of your secondary school leaving certificate, election identification card, or Aadhar card to verify your age.
  • It should be less than one lakh rupees per year for the family’s income. (An attested copy of your ration card, a certificate of income from the village office, or a copy of your BPL certificate)
  • The applicant cannot be receiving either the Service pension or the Family pension at the time of application.
  • The applicant should not be a recipient of benefits from any initiatives that are carried out by SJD (Aswasakiranam, Samashwasam)
  • A certificate issued by the officer of the concerned village stating that the petitioner is a widow and is currently living with a relative who provides protection.

The application form, which must be completely filled out and accompanied by supporting papers, must be handed over to the appropriate District Social Justice Officers.

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