AePDS Bihar gov in RC details | Check Bihar Ration Card Details. Benefits of Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System

AePDS Bihar gov in RC details :- Today in this article, we will give you detailed information about Aepds online portal, such as for whom this online portal is, what is its main objective, who will get its benefits, etc. and all this information will be given to you in Hindi. Will be received, so read our article till the end and get more information about Aepds online portal, read this article till the end to get all the information related to this article!

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AePDS Bihar gov in RC (Ration Card) details :-

As you all know, in this digital and internet era, everything is going online, in the same process, Bihar government has decided to make the work of its ration distribution department online, this AePDS Bihar online portal will provide the ration of Bihar. Specially Designed for Distribution Depot Holders!

AePDS Bihar ki full form hai Aadhaar enabled Public Distribution Systemwhich means public distribution system based on Aadhaar card, since this new system has been implemented, no ration card holder can take ration for himself or his family from the ration depot without his Aadhaar verification, this system will help the depot holders has been implemented after providing POS machines.

Now that all ration distribution depots have pos machines, then it is also necessary to have the information of all ration card holders online, only then the ration distribution officers will be able to verify it with the Aadhaar card of the ration taker, that’s why Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System AEPDS online portal was created to implement it correctly, in which the data of all ration cards is entered online and can be easily used for verification!

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AePDS Bihar Overview

PortalAePDS Bihar
Govt.Government of Bihar
departmentFood and Consumer Protection Department
Helpline Number1800-3456-194
Official website

The main objective of AePDS Bihar gov in :-

(Main objective of implementing Aadhaar enabled Public Distribution System) :-

AePDS Bihar gov in The main objective of launching the online portal is that since the Central Government has started one country one ration card scheme, since then any ration card holder can take his ration from anywhere in the country with his ration card. Aadhaar card was used to implement the scheme completely.

First of all, the process of linking all ration cards with Aadhaar card was done, after that this AePDS Bihar gov in portal started, in which the data of everyone’s ration card is stored in digital form at one place, using this data and verification of Aadhaar card. AePDS Bihar gov in got full benefit!

Another purpose of distribution of ration through Aadhaar verification is that due to lack of transparency in this process, people were not able to get their rightful ration properly, but due to this online Aadhaar verification, now only that ration can be taken. Whose name is registered in his ration card and his Aadhaar card is also linked to the ration card!

Information about the major benefits and features of AePDS Bihar gov in :-

  1. The biggest advantage of the AePDS Bihar gov in online portal is that due to this the data of all the ration card holders of the state has become online which is used for their verification!
  2. AePDS Bihar gov in RC details Through this, any ration card holder can get online information about his ration from his ration card number and that too without going anywhere, through internet,
  3. With the advent of this portal or this system, it has been ensured that everyone gets their rightful ration at the right time!
  4. Now no one can take the ration of others by playing tricks!
  5. This AePDS Bihar gov in RC details online portal will also curb the arbitrariness of depot holders, because they will also have to share all their stock and distribution information online on this portal, which any ration card holder can easily check online. !
  6. With the implementation of this AePDS Bihar gov in RC details, now anyone can take their ration through one country one ration card scheme from any ration depot in the country through their Aadhaar card, just their Aadhaar card should be linked to their ration card. Important!
  7. Through this online portal, it can also be checked that how much and when the ration was received this month or last month.
  8. AePDS Bihar gov in RC details Through this one can get various information about his ration card by using his ration card number.

Bihar Ration Card Online Application Form and Registration

Simple and easy process to check AePDS Bihar gov in RC details :-

(Easy and efficient way to check the ration card details by using AePDS Bihar gov in RC details online portal):-

  • there you will see on the home page RC Details You will get the option of name, you have to click on it.
  • After clicking this, on the new page, you have to enter the year and month for which you want to check about the ration distribution, and then you have to enter your ration card number correctly in the next option!
  • After entering the ration card number, you have to click on the submit button, after that all the information about the ration distribution of your chosen year and month will appear in front of you.

How to login Aepds bihar?

AePDS bihar login The process to do is very simple, first you have to go to aepds bihar official website to log in! Read below to know the complete process to login

  • First of all Apds Visit the official website of Bihar:
  • Now the home page will open in front of you.
  • Click on the login button on the home page
  • Now the login form will open in front of you.
  • First enter user-id for locking
  • enter password
  • Enter captcha code and click on login button

How to check AEPDS Bihar Stock Register?

AEPDS Bihar Stock Register of Bihar to see Visit the Official Website! Follow the rules mentioned below to get detailed information

  • First of all go to the link
  • Now on the left side after coming to the home page stock register click on the link
  • Enter the required information to view the details and click on the submit button

How to see AEPDS Bihar fps status?

if you AePDS Bihar fps status If you want to check, then read the steps given by us carefully! It is very important to have FPS ID to check fps status status

  • First of all aepds bihar visit the official website of
  • On the left after coming to the home page fps status Click on the option!
  • When you open a new page, you FPS ID Enter
  • FPS ID After entering click on fps status button
  • After this the fps status will open in front of you.

AEPDS Bihar Detailed Transactions

  • first to know AePDS Bihar visit official website
  • Now you have to come to the home page Detailed Transaction select option
  • in front of you now Detailed Transaction page will open
  • First of all, here for which date you want to see Detailed Transaction, choose that date
  • Now information will be available on your screen according to all the districts of Bihar.

How to see PMGKAY details?

Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana Under PRADHAN MANTRI GARIB KALYAN ANNA YOJANA (PMGKAY) Follow the steps given below to see the information about the ration card received by the poor people

  • First of all visit website
  • after coming to the home page PMGKAY click on the link
  • Now a new page of PMGKAY Details will open in front of you.
  • PMGKAY details Select month and year to view
  • Here according to every year, you can get information about the ration received by the poor under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana.
  • In front of you in all the states of Bihar PMGKAY Can find details of ration card holders distributed under the scheme

AePDS price chart

price chart

AePDS Bihar Helpline Number | helpline number

AEPDS Bihar You can get all the information by calling the email or toll free number given below to get any information related to

  • E-mail:, [email protected]
  • Toll free no. :- 1800-3456-194
  • Toll free no.:- 1967


What is AePDS Bihar?

AEPDS Bihar is a portal which is an Aadhaar enabled Public Distribution System, with the help of which ration is distributed to ration card holders with the help of Aadhaar card.

How to login AePDS Bihar?

To login AEPDS Bihar, first go to the official website of and click on the login button, login by entering the user ID and password.

What is AePDS Bihar Full Form?

Full form of AePDS Bihar is Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System.

What is the official link of AePDS Bihar?

The official link of AePDS Bihar is

What is AEPDS Bihar Helpline Number?

To solve any type of problem related to AePDS Bihar, you can tell your problem by calling the Toll Free number 1800-3456-194 issued by AEPDS Bihar.
or this email id:sfcpgrms[at]gmail[dot]You can solve your problem with the help of

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