Bihar Inter-caste Marriage Promotion Scheme

Inter-caste Marriage Incentive Scheme: Many schemes are run by the state government of Bihar for the complete development of the state. Due to which all the people of the state get benefits and all the sections of the society are developed. As we know that even today the problem like casteism still remains in different parts of the country. In particular, efforts have been made from time to time to eliminate the problem of untouchability. Taking another step in this direction, the government has Inter-caste Marriage Incentive Scheme has started. under this scheme Intercaste Marraige On doing this, financial incentive will be provided to the married couple. For this, at the time of marriage or within one year of marriage, the newly-married couple will be eligible under this scheme. Bihar Antarjatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana Apply Will have to do

Bihar Inter-caste Marriage Promotion Scheme 2024: Download Application Form PDF
Bihar Inter-caste Marriage Promotion Scheme 2024: Download Application Form PDF

Through this article, we will provide you other such necessary information related to this scheme. How to apply for Inter Caste Scheme? A state in Eastern India Inter caste marriage promotion scheme online registration Bihar Antarjatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana Form All the information related to inter-caste marriage, eligibility, documents etc. are going to be shared with you. You can read this article completely to know.

A state in Eastern India Inter-caste Marriage Incentive Scheme 2024

As we have told in the article that for inter-caste marriage in this scheme, financial incentive will be given by the state government. For your information, let us tell you that Incentive amount Rs 2.5 lakh Will be Which the married couple will get after marriage. Bihar Antarjatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana Under this, those couples will get the benefit, out of which one belongs to the upper castes and the other belongs to the scheduled castes and tribes. That’s why this plan Dr. Ambedkar Scheme for Social Integration through Inter-caste Marriage also named. operation of the plan Dr Ambedkar Foundation under Social Justice and Empowerment which is an autonomous body.

Antarjatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana Highlights

scheme name Inter-caste Marriage Incentive Scheme
state name A state in Eastern India
Relevant departments Dr. Ambedkar Foundation (Autonomous) under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
purpose Eliminating casteism and promoting inter-caste marriages.
beneficiary inter-caste marriage citizens of the state
type of plan state government scheme
current year 2024
application Click here
official website Click here

Inter-caste Marriage Incentive Scheme Bihar 2024 incentive to be received in

A person eligible to apply under this scheme will get a total incentive of Rs 2.5 lakh. For this, the applicant has to submit a pre-stamped receipt on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.10. After which Rs 1.5 lakh will be sent to their account through RTGS or NEFT. The balance amount will be made a fixed deposit. The amount of this deposit will be received by the beneficiaries after 3 years. Along with this, the interest deposited on the fixed deposit will also be available to the beneficiaries.

Bihar Antarjatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana Eligibility Criteria

To apply in the scheme, you have to first fulfill some eligibility conditions prescribed under this scheme. For your convenience, we are providing all those eligibility criteria here. You must read them before applying.

  • To take advantage of this scheme, it is necessary that the couple Native / Permanent Resident of Bihar Should be
  • of the married couple first marriage Should be.
  • wedding of newly wed couple Hindu marriage act 1955 Must be registered under
  • in married couple boy’s age at marriage at least 21 years should be while girl 18 years old should not be less than
  • To get the benefit of this scheme, it is necessary that married One of the pairs belongs to the upper caste and the other to the scheduled caste / tribe Should be.
  • To take advantage of this scheme, it is necessary that after marriage the new couple application within one year Will have to do After that you cannot take benefits under this scheme.
  • If a couple is married Hindu marriage act 1955 Apart from this, if registered under any other Act, then they will have to submit their marriage certificate separately.

Required Documents

You will also need some necessary documents to apply under the scheme. Along with the application form you have to Documents also have to be attached. We are providing you a list of all these documents through this article.

  • Aadhar card (both bride and groom)
  • passport size photo
  • permanent residence certificate
  • age certificate
  • voter id
  • Bank account number (should be a joint account of the bride and groom)
  • pan card
  • Marriage Certificate / Marriage Certificate
  • caste certificate
  • Wedding photo (with joint photo)
  • mobile number

Bihar Antarjatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana Apply

  • To apply for the scheme, you have to first get the application form. For this you can visit the official website. Or you can get the application form from the concerned department.
  • You can visit this link to go to the official website can follow.
  • After this the home page of the official website will open in front of you. here to you Online Form option will appear.
  • Now you have to click on this option. After clicking on it, the next page will open on your screen. From where you can download the form.
  • Let us tell you that the facility to download this form has not started yet. We will inform you through this article as soon as it starts.
  • After getting the form for application under the scheme, you will have to fill all the necessary information asked in it. Such as – your name, date of birth, email id, date of marriage and others
  • When all the information has been filled, then you should also attach all the documents asked for with the application form.
  • After this you submit this application form to the concerned department.
  • in this way you Antar Jati Vivah Yojana Bihar The application process is completed.

Question and Answer related to Bihar Inter-caste Marriage Promotion Scheme

How much money do you get in inter caste marriage?

The total number of married couples by the Bihar government in intercast marriage 2.5 lakh Rs. Out of which Rs 1.5 lakh will be given to them in the bank account first and the remaining amount will be fixed as a fixed deposit for 3 years. Which will be provided to them with interest after 3 years.

What is an interracial marriage plan?

This is a scheme launched by the Government of Bihar, whose purpose is to promote inter-caste marriages in the state. So that the problem of untouchability can be eradicated from the society. Let us tell you that the financial incentive amount will be provided by the state government to the couples applying in this scheme.

What is the purpose of Antar Jati Vivah Yojana Bihar?

Its aim is to eradicate the problem of untouchability and casteism from the society. So that there is no discrimination in the society.

Which is the official website to download the application form PDF for the scheme?

You can follow the link given here for this.

What are the documents required to apply for Bihar Inter-caste Marriage Promotion Scheme?

For this, you will need Aadhar card, caste certificate, age certificate, mobile number, email id, marriage photo, permanent residence certificate, marriage certificate, PAN card, joint bank account of the bride and groom of the newly married couple. Documents etc. will be required.

How to apply for Inter Caste Marriage Benefit?

You can read our article on this. In this we have explained the whole process in detail.

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Through this article we have given you Bihar Inter-caste Marriage Promotion Scheme Tried to give all necessary information regarding If you want to know or ask anything apart from this, then you can ask us through the comment section given below. We will try to answer all your questions. Apart from this, you can also get the solution of your queries and problems through the helpline number given on the official website. In this article we are providing you the helpline number –

Dr. Ambedkar Foundation,15, Janpath, New Delhi-110 001 (India)


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