Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana 2024: Apply Online

Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana 2024, has been started keeping in mind the orphans of Chandigarh. Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana was launched in July 2021. Through the scheme, those children will be benefited under this who have lost their parents due to the Kovid epidemic. The government will provide financial assistance to such children. In this, Rs.900 per month as well as a fixed deposit of Rs.3 lakh will be made in the name of each child. So that their future can be secure. Today in this article we will give you information about Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana as well. Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana 2024 online application process Will tell about For complete information you can read this article completely.

Know what is Chandigarh Parenting Scheme

Know here Chandigarh upbringing scheme

How many people have lost their lives due to the Kovid epidemic in the country and abroad. And there are many such children who have become orphans after the death of their parents due to Kovid. For these orphan children, the government Chandigarh Parenting Scheme It has been decided to provide financial assistance in The government will help for the maintenance of the children of such parents who have lost their lives due to Kovid, who do not have any other guardian. Children from poor families will get the benefit of this scheme. of plan (Chandigarh Parvarish YojanaAll the eligible applicants will have to apply through online mode to get the benefit of Rs. After receiving the application under this scheme, its approval will be given through SDO.

Categories of children covered under Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana

Poor children will be benefited under Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana. For this, some categories / categories have been set by the government. Children falling in these categories will be provided financial assistance through this scheme and at the same time they will also be taken care of for their upbringing for a better future. These categories are mainly of 4 types. Let us now understand about these categories –

  • The first category includes orphan children who have lost one of their parents due to Kovid and the surviving parent has surrendered the child.
  • The second category covers orphans who have lost their parents to COVID and are now living with extended family or guardians (relatives).
  • The third category is those children who have lost one of their parents and are now living with extended family with the surviving mother or father.
  • The fourth category is those children who are themselves Kovid positive.

Highlights Of Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana

article name Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana 2024: Apply Online |
state nameChandigarh
Relevant departments Social Welfare Department, Chandigarh
purpose To provide financial assistance and other facilities to the children who have lost their parents during Kovid.
beneficiary Poor orphan children who lost their parents in Kovid
current year 2024
Application Mode offline online
Scheme Official PDF Scheme Official PDF
official website Official Website of Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana / Social Welfare Department official website

Financial benefits to be available in Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana 2024

The government has announced to provide some financial assistance for the maintenance of children who have lost their parents to Kovid. Which you can read further –

Parvarish Yojana Chandigarh Under this scheme, all eligible orphan children will be provided assistance amounting to Rs.900 and Rs.1000 every month. This will make their life a little easier. Apart from this, a fixed deposit (FD) of Rs 3 lakh (Rs 3 lakh) will also be made by the Chandigarh government in the name of each child taking benefit of the scheme. This amount can be withdrawn only after the beneficiary attains the age of 21 years.

Along with this, the education, upbringing and medical expenses of all the beneficiary children will be borne by the Social Welfare Department by the Chandigarh Government. For this it is necessary that all the eligible children should apply. After getting the approval, the Director of the District Child Protection Unit will transfer the assistance amount to his account after receiving the beneficiary’s account number etc. from the CDPO.

Purpose of Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana

The Union Territory of Chandigarh has started Parvarish Yojana for those orphan children who have been orphaned due to the corona pandemic and who do not have any kind of means for maintenance and basic needs. Financial help will be given to all such orphan children of UT through this scheme. And their maintenance will be taken care of by the government. From their education to other important expenses, the government will also bear them so that their all-round development can be possible. It is being operated by the Social Welfare Department.

Through the scheme, all the poor beneficiary children will be provided with their upbringing as well as allowance every month. Also, such needy children who do not have a safe place to live, will be admitted to various institutions, so that they too can get a roof over their heads.

Eligibility of Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana

Some eligibility conditions have been prescribed for giving benefits under the Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana – a scheme run by the Union Territory of Chandigarh. All the applicants who want to take advantage of this scheme will have to fulfill these eligibility criteria, only after which they will be able to apply. Let us know what is the eligibility to apply in this scheme –

  • Those children who are below 18 years of age will be eligible to apply in Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana.
  • All the applicants availing benefits under the Parvarish Yojana must be a native of Chandigarh.
  • Under the scheme, those children will be benefited whose parents, or either of them, have died due to corona virus.
  • Only those children who come from poor families (who have BPL card) will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Under the scheme, financial assistance will also be provided to those children who themselves are victims of covid or they are suffering from diseases like AIDS, leprosy. ,
  • Under the Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana, children of those families will be benefited whose annual family income is less than 60 thousand rupees.
  • A child suffering from AIDS disease will get its benefit, even if his family does not have a BPL card or even if the annual income is above 60 thousand.
  • Children of parents suffering from disability of up to 40% due to AIDS and leprosy will also be able to take advantage of this scheme.
  • Apart from this, children who are now living with relatives due to the absence of parents will also be given the benefit of this scheme.

For more information in this regard, you can read all the eligibility and other important things by clicking on the link of the official PDF given in the article.

Documents Required in Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana

If any eligible applicant is willing to apply in this upbringing scheme, then he will need some important documents for the application. We are giving you the list of all these important documents. You can prepare these before applying –

  • Aadhar card of applicant child
  • Death certificate of parents from covid
  • permanent residence certificate
  • child’s birth certificate
  • Ration Card (BPL)
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo
  • bank account number

Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana Registration / Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana Application

If an applicant wants to apply in Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana then he has to first get the application form. Only after filling it, the person concerned will get its benefit. Let us now know how applicants can apply in Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana?

  1. First of all, the applicant was determined under the parenting scheme. official website will go on.
  2. By reaching the home page of the website, you Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana Application Form PDF (Online Form at has to be downloaded.
  3. In addition to this you plan Free application forms can also be obtained from the office of the Assistant Director of the District Child Protection Unit or CDPO.
  4. After receiving the application, you have to enter all the information asked in it.
  5. After filling all the information, you will have to Attach important documents with the application form Will happen.
  6. After this, you can send the application form along with the copies of all the documents. Deposit with Anganwadi Sevika can do.
  7. in addition you It can also be deposited in the CDPO office.
  8. in this way you Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana Application Process Will be completed

After the completion of the application process by the candidate, the application form will be sent by the Anganwadi Sevika within the next 15 days. CDPO Office Will deposit in For this work, they are provided an amount of Rs 50 for each form. After this, the CDPO office will forward this application form to the SDO’s office within the next seven days. After which the order of acceptance will be passed by the SDO itself. After getting the approval from the SDO, the assistance amount received in the District Child Protection Unit will be transferred to the bank account of the person concerned.

Question and Answer related to Parvarish Yojana, Chandigarh

What is Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana?

Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana is a scheme launched by the Government of Chandigarh for the orphan children who lost their parents due to covid.

Who is running the Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana?

This scheme is being operated by Social Welfare Department, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana Application Form PDF Where to get

You can get the application form of Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana through the official website (Online Form at Apart from this, you can also get this form from the sevika of your nearest Anganwadi center.

What are the important documents required to take advantage of Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana?

Documents like Aadhar card of the applicant child, death certificate of the parents from covid, permanent residence certificate, birth certificate of the child, ration card (BPL), mobile number, passport size photograph, bank account number etc. will be required.

How many categories of children have been created to take benefit under Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana?

A total of 4 categories have been created to provide benefits to the children under the Parvarish Yojana. You can read this article to know more.

Today through this article we have told you Chandigarh Parenting Scheme given information about. Hope you liked this information. If you want to read about other such useful schemes and other related information then you can visit our website Hindi NVSHQ can connect with.

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