How to get job card number online 2024 Job Card No. how to remove

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Job card is required for the work given to you under MNREGA. Your job card number The need may arise anytime, anywhere. You can get information about the list of works under MNREGA and the name of the card holder and his address, category etc. from your job card number. With the help of NREGA job card, 100% guarantee is provided to the citizens of rural areas.

how to get job card number
how to get job card number

NREGA card holders many times do not know their job card number and they have to worry many times for this. Today in the article we will give you How to get job card number online 2024? Will tell you the whole process. in the article below how to get job card number Full information about this will be given. Do read the article completely.

how to get job card number 2024

you will get NREGA Job Card Number To withdraw, one has to visit the official website of NREGA at Job cards are made available to the beneficiaries to take advantage of the NREGA scheme. The benefits of the NREGA scheme are given to all eligible citizens of the adult unemployed class in the rural areas of the country. Job cards are given to eligible citizens for the work they get under the scheme. Work is provided to eligible rural unemployed citizens only on the basis of Job Card.

If you do not know your job card number or you have lost your job card due to any reason, then for this you have to mgnrega Job Card Number May need it. in the article below how to remove job card number Its complete process has been given.

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Key Highlights of mgnrega Job Card Number 2024

article name How to get job card number online?
Concerned Department / Ministry Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India
full name of nrega National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
beneficiary NREGA registered job card holders
Objective Providing facility to extract job card number online
NREGA official website
Year 2024

How to make NREGA job card 2024

How to get job card number online?

You can do your homework in few minutes without any hassle sitting at home. job card number online can see. My job card number online search To do this you have to follow the steps given below –

  • step-1: Visit the NREGA website
  • first of all you Narega Did official website Must visit.
  • As soon as you reach the NREGA website, a page like this will open on your screen –job card number online
  • From here you are provided links to check various information under Gram Panchayat MNREGA.
  • From here to know you job card number Generate Reports given next to job card Click on the option.
Step-2 Choose your State
  • As soon as you click on the job card option, a new page opens on your screen where you will see the list of all the states.
  • You have to click on the name of your state from here. job card number online check
  • Here we have for example job card number of uttar pradesh To see uttar pradesh State is selected.
step-3 Select your district, block and gram panchayat
  • After selecting your state a new page will open on your screen.
  • You have to select 2024-25 in the Financial Year from check job card number on nrega
  • After selecting the financial year, now you have to select your district.
  • Now you have to choose your block from the block coming under your district.
  • now your jury have to choose.
  • now give you below Proceed Click on the button.
Step-4 Select Job card/Registration
  • as soon as you Proceed Click on the button, now a new page will open on your screen.
  • On this page, many options will appear to check the report related to NREGA job card.
  • You have to see your job card number, for this you have to Job card/Registration Below you get many links from here Job card/Employment Register Click on the link. job card registration number check
  • As soon as you click on it, a new page will open on your screen.
  • On this page, the list of all job card holders of your panchayat will open.
Step-5 Remove job card number
  • on your page job card number And in front of it the list of names of those job card holders opens.
  • You have to check your name in the list to know your NREGA job card number/s from here.
  • If you find your name in the list, then the information given against your name job card number This is your job card number.
  • When you click on your job card number then on the next screen you get all the information about the job card.
  • job card number details
  • On this page, you will find many types of information like –Employment request period, applicant name, requisition ID, job title, payment amount Etcetera.
  • In this way by the above process MNREGA job card number (job card number) Can be extracted online.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to MGNREGA Job card number online check-

How can we check our job card number online?

You To see NREGA Job card number online Visit the official website of NREGA. In the section of Gram Panchayat on NREGA website Generate Reports given next to job card You get a link, you have to click on it. On the next page you have to select the State, District, Block, Panchayat. You have to choose your financial year, the list of job card number and name of job card holders opens in front of you. From here you can see the job card number next to your name.

Job card number What information do we have to fill to check?

You have to enter the information of your state, district, block, panchayat to check your NREGA job card online. After this you can easily know your job card number.

Can citizens of all states view their NREGA job card online?

Yes ! Citizens of all states can check the job card online on the NREGA website.

What is NREGA job card helpline number?

You can call nrega job card helpline number – 1800 111 555 for any kind of complaint or suggestion related to job card.

Which is the official website to get job card number online?

official website to get job card number online Is.

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