How to get NREGA Job Card 2024- Nrega Job Card kaise Banaye

How to get NREGA Job Card , NREGA job card Ministry of Rural Development are issued by. Which was enacted by law on August 25, 2005. Throughout the year under MNREGA scheme 100 days employment guarantee is provided. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Under this, job cards are provided to the economically weak poor families. NREGA Job Crad To get the applicants have to apply. If you want to check NREGA job card status then you can check through online portal. people who NREGA Job Card they have built You can check NREGA job card by visiting its official website. NREGA job card The complete process of making and checking is described in the article below.

How to get NREGA Job Card 2024|  NREGA Job Card Apply Kaise Karen
How to get NREGA Job Card 2024| NREGA Job Card Apply Kaise Karen

Through this article, we will tell you in full detail about the process of applying online for NREGA employment card and will also provide you complete information about other information related to it. Stay connected with our article till the end to get more information related to employment card.

How to get NREGA Job Card 2024?

Do you know (NREGA) to NREGA National Rural Employment Act Also known as. This scheme is run for the unemployed people in rural areas, under which employment is provided to the people. The record of the work done by the person is recorded in the NREGA job card. This Job Card Up to five members can be formed in a family. NREGA job card has been issued in every state of the country and the status of any state can be checked online. In the list, complete information about your work like when you did your work, how much is your work. And on what date it was done etc. More details related to NREGA job card like How to get NREGA Job Card , How to check job card status etc. is being given in the article.

NREGA Job Card Apply Online 2024 Highlights

To provide important information related to employment card, you can see the table given below by us and get information related to NREGA employment card and its application. Let us see the given table –

Article How to get NREGA Job Card
act passed August 25, 2005
purpose providing employment opportunities
beneficiary all unemployed citizens of the country
ministry Ministry of Rural Development
application offline
job card check online
The year 2024
official website

NREGA Job Card State Wise List 2024

The list of states in which NREGA job cards are made is given below. Candidates can check their status by clicking on the link given against the name of their state. NREGA job card Can check status. Let us see with the help of the table given below –

Important Documents for NREGA Job Card 2024

Some important documents are required to get the NREGA job card. Those which have to be maintained in advance, only then you can apply for employment card. What are the necessary documents, the information about those documents is being given in the list below. Let’s see-

  • Aadhar card
  • passport size photo
  • identity card
  • Ration card
  • bank account
  • mobile number

job card information

The essential information that is mentioned in the job card is mentioned through the list given below. Know about these information written in NREGA job card through the given information –

  • job card number
  • candidate’s name
  • father’s name
  • name of Panchayat
  • district
  • Name of Gram Sabha
  • Category
  • gender
  • age
NREGA job card 2022 benefits of schemes

The information about the benefits that the candidates get through the job card is being given below in the article. The list of all the schemes is given below. Let’s see-

  • Meritorious Student Award Scheme
  • disability assistance scheme
  • Disability Pension Scheme
  • girl marriage assistance scheme
  • Workers Critical Illness Assistance Scheme
  • housing assistance scheme
  • toilet assistance scheme
  • residential school scheme
  • Solar Energy Assistance Scheme
  • Mahatma Gandhi Pension Assistance Scheme
  • Maternity Child and Girl Child Help Scheme
  • Construction Workers Funeral Assistance Scheme
  • Sant Ravidas Education Assistance Scheme
  • medical facility scheme

How to get NREGA Job Card

NREGA Job Card To apply offline. The process of which is being provided to you by the points given below. If you want to make your NREGA job card then follow the steps given below. Let’s see-

  • NREGA job cards are made offline.
  • First of all go to your village head.
  • with you NREGA job card application Carry the relevant documents as well.
  • After that give all the documents and information to the village head.
  • Then the documents of the applicant are given by the village head to the concerned office.
  • After which the name of the applicant is entered in the NREGA card list.
  • In this way your NREGA job card application process gets completed.
  • Online facility is available to check NREGA card and name list.

How to Check NREGA Job Card Status Online?

Candidates Note You Can Check Your NREGA Job Card Status Online. For this you have to go to the official website of NREGA. After which we have told you the complete process through the steps given below. Let’s see-

NREGA Job Card Mobile App Download

if you NREGA Job Card Mobile App Download If you want to do this, then we are telling you the process of downloading this app, you can easily download the NREGA job card app by the process given by us. Let us know through the given steps-

  • To download the NREGA Job Card mobile app, the beneficiary must first have an Android mobile app.
  • In the open page, search by typing NREGA Services Job Card in the search option.
  • Then the app opens in front of you in the mobile. Nrega-Job-Card
  • From there you will get the option to install the app, click on it and install the app.
  • After which the app is downloaded in your mobile phone.
  • In this way your NREGA job card mobile app download process is completed.
  • Beneficiaries after registering in the app NREGA Job Card Mobile app can use.

How to Enter Grievance

Here we will tell you how to register if you want to register Grievance. We have explained the process of registering Grievance through the steps given below. To go, you can follow the steps given by us –

  • Candidates who have applied for NREGA job card if they have to enter the Grievance.
  • The Grievance option will appear in the home page of the official website, click on it. Nrega Job Card Apply
  • Then on clicking on the option of Long Grievance, the list of all the status opens in front of the candidates.
  • Candidates have to click on the name of their state from the list. You can see the list of all the states in the given image.
  • After which the form opens in front of the candidates for registering grievances.
  • Submit the form by filling the information asked in the form.
  • Now your Grievance is registered. And your process is also completed.

Question and answer related to how to make NREGA job card

By whom are NREGA job cards issued?

Job cards are issued by the Ministry of Rural Development. And their benefit will be given to all the unemployed citizens of the country.

How are Nrega Job Cards made?

You have to apply offline to generate job card. Its complete information is given in the article.

What are the documents required for making NREGA job card?

Aadhar card, ration card, mobile number, bank account identity card, etc. documents are required to apply for employment card.

Has the information related to MGNREGA of all the states of the country been collected in the NREGA portal?

Yes, the data related to the job card MNREGA scheme has been collected in the MNREGA portal for all the states.

What works are done under MNREGA job card?

Plantation work, Consolidation work, Gaushala construction work, Road construction work, Housing construction work, Irrigation work all types of work are done under MGNREGA job card scheme.

How to check Nrega Job Card Status?

To check the job card list, you have to go to the official website of NREGA, from there you can check the list. Its complete process is given in the article.

NREGA Job Card State Wise List Which states are listed in the name?

The names of states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, etc. are recorded in the rojgar card statwise list.

What is the purpose of making Nrega Job Card?

Through the card, a record is made of the work done by the individuals which they can view online. Under this scheme 100 days work is given. You will get this work only after getting the NREGA job card. Therefore, the job card of the essential should be made.

Which schemes can the candidates take advantage of through NREGA Job Card?

Candidates through Job Card Solar Energy Assistance Scheme, Housing Assistance Scheme, Disability Pension Scheme, Residential School Scheme, Skill Development Technical Certification and Upgradation Scheme, Toilet Assistance Scheme, Workers Critical Illness Assistance Scheme, Maternity Child and Girl Child Help Scheme, Mahatma Gandhi You can take advantage of pension assistance scheme, girl marriage assistance scheme etc.

If the candidates have to provide any other information related to the job card, then where should they contact?

Those candidates who want to get any other information related to NREGA job card, they have to contact on toll free number 110001.

What is the official website of Nrega Job Card?

its official website Huh. You can only check job card status through the website. You will have to apply for making employment card through offline mode only.

Can I not apply for NREGA job card through online?

So far, no online facility has been made available in the portal by the central government for making NREGA job card. Citizens can contact their village head and sarpanch for job card application.

Is the amount paid in NREGA available in cash?

No. The payment amount is not given in cash. For this, the transfer is done in the name of the bank mentioned in your job card.

helpline number

Hope you will get help in making your NREGA job card through the information given by us. To get other information related to the job card, you can ask us by messaging us by going to the comment section below. Or if you want more information or if you have any kind of problem, then the helpline number given 011-25383880 You can contact on


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