how to track speed post

Speed ​​Post TrackingIf you send a post or parcel by post, then you can send it through ordinary post or speed post. We track the mail sent by us if sent by ordinary post. (speed post tracking) can not do. Or we do not get the facility to check any status about it, the same if we send our mail through speed post, then we can track that mail, what is the status of our mail now.

This facility has been made available by the Department of Posts, for this the official website will go on. here we will tell you that you your how to track speed post, Apna Speed ​​Post Tracking Kaise Kare, How to check where the parcel has reached or is about to reach.

Apna Speed ​​Post Tracking Kaise Kare
how to track speed post

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speed post [Speed Post] What is?

speed post It was started in India in 1986. Speed ​​Post One of the fastest services of Postal Service. Through which any person of India can reach any item from anywhere to any corner of India as soon as possible. And it is also safe. Through this service, you can send your goods to anyone as soon as possible and at a low cost.

Because in today’s time the Indian Postal Service has also evolved with time. Due to today’s digital world, the Indian Postal Service has provided many types of online services to the people. And even post offices have been opened in more than 15 lakh cities in India.

And with the help of their online services, you can also find this out. that your parcel (Registered Post tracking) Where has it reached? And if you want to know the location of the incoming parcel, then this facility is also available. You can find all this in your parcel’s Consignment no. Can be found by or else Speed ​​post tracking number Can also be found by So let’s know how you can find out all this.

How to know the location of speed post? Speed ​​post online tracking

If you want to know the location of your parcel, then you can check it in two ways. So the first medium is through the website and the second medium is through its app, in this article we have shared both the process, according to the information given below, you can see how you can track speed post online.

Apna Speed ​​Post Tracking Kaise Kare

  • if you own speed post location If you want to know then you must first official website will go on.
  • Here you will get speed post number / Consignment Number/Tracking ID/Parcel Tracking No, and by entering the captcha code track now have to click on
  • After clicking you will have speed post All the information will be visible.

How to know the location of Speed ​​Post through mobile app?

  • For this, first of all, you have to go to the Google Play Store and go to the search option. speed post tracking app Have to search.
    How to do Speed ​​Post Tracking - Apna Speed ​​Post Tracking Kaise Kare
  • Then after searching you have to download that app.
  • After downloading this app, you will get your Tracking ID No. in that app. [Consignment NO.] After filling, click on the track button.
  • After clicking you will be given all the details of your parcel. Like where has your parcel reached and how many more days will it take to reach you.

Advantages of Speed ​​Post

Speed ​​post has many advantages such as –

  • Its biggest advantage is that if you have posted speed to someone or someone has posted speed to you. Speed ​​Post Parcel Tracking Due to this, there is no problem of any kind.
  • Because Speed ​​Post Tracking With the help of you can get all the information about your parcel.
  • It is also a specialty that due to the help of this service, your goods are delivered as soon as possible to the place where you want it to reach.
  • Speed ​​Post Tracking There is a cheap and reliable service that is provided to you by the post office.
  • Due to their online service, you will not have to visit the post office again and again.

How to check speed post through SMS?

If you want to know the location of your speed post by sms while sitting at home. So the Indian Post Office has got us the facility of this also. So follow the instructions given below.

  • First of all you have to go to the message box of your phone.
  • After that you have to type a message like this TrackingSpeed ​​post message has to be written.
  • then you will get this message 55352 number Will have to send it.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes of sending the message, complete details of the parcel will be sent to your number.

Official website of Indian Postal Department-

How much does speed post cost?

For speed posting, money is taken according to the weight of the goods.

How many days does it take to reach the speed post?

It takes 2-3 days to reach by speed post.

Where can I do speed post?

To do speed post you have to go to your nearest post office.

What is the maximum weight of goods that can be sent through speed post?

We can send a maximum of 35 kgs of goods through Speed ​​Post.

speed post customer care number

We have given you information related to speed post through this article. Even after that if you have any problem like how much money does speed post cost? Customer care number for getting information like etc.Customer Care Number) 1800,266-6868 You can ask by calling.

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