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Pashu Kisan Credit Card plan 2024 According to Haryana Up to 1 lakh 60 thousand to all the beneficiary cattle herders free interest free loan will be given. According to the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister, the loan will be given on the basis of the number of animals. under this scheme Loan up to three lakh Can be given But only loan up to 1 lakh 60 thousand can be given without any interest rate, for the amount above this, loan will be given at a lower interest rate.

What is the main objective of Pashu Kisan Credit Yojana?

The objective of this scheme is mainly to promote animal rearers. Under this scheme, farmers will be given loans so that they can take care of their animals in a better way. Through this scheme, Haryana State Government has also set the target of increasing the income of farmers, this scheme will also increase the income of farmers, Haryana State Government has started Pashudhan Credit Card Scheme to promote cattle rearers!

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Main ideas of Pashu Kisan Credit Scheme: –

New information about Pashu Kisan Credit Card:-

Haryana State Government till about Independence Day 1 Lac It has been decided to give Pashu Kisan Credit Card to the farmers. Through this scheme, interest will be given by the Government of India on 7% loan, in this 4% subsidy has been given by the Central Government and 3% exemption has been given by the Haryana Government! Any farmer under this scheme 3 lakh Katha can take loan up to 1 Lac 60 thousand Loan can be taken without any guarantee, through this scheme Haryana State Government is giving loans to the farmers at the lowest rate of interest, so that the income of the farmers can increase.

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Yojana The loan available under this will be given on the following basis:

This loan will be given on the basis of the number of animals. An amount has been fixed for each animal.

Animal : Loan Amount :
for a buffalo Rs 60249
for a cow Rs 40783
for a pig Rs 16337
for each sheep Rs 4063
for a laying hen Rs 720
one chicken for broiler Rs 161

Apart from this, farmers can be given loans up to Rs 76,300 for a Murrah buffalo, Rs 71,325 for a foreign cow and Rs 70,825 for an indigenous cow.

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Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme Did specialtyWhat is it?

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme The aim of the organization is to promote animal husbandry and provide financial assistance to the animal herders. Under this scheme, there is a target to benefit about 8 lakh farmers of Haryana through this scheme. so far for About 1 lakh 40 thousand farmers have been applied, After all the formalities of this scheme are completed, the farmers will be given the credit card received under the scheme. Through this credit card, they can buy anything for agriculture or for any other requirement by taking a loan.

How much loan will be available in Pashu Credit Card?

Under this scheme, farmers will be given loans by the state government according to their animals, farmers who have a cow will be given a loan of Rs 40783 by the state government, similarly farmers who have a buffalo will get 60249 by the state government. Rupees loan will be given, this loan will be given to the farmers in 6 equal installments (Rs 6,797 per installment) every month through credit card, this loan will have to be returned to the farmers within 1 year with 6% annual interest, repaying the loan on time Farmers with interest will also be given exemption.

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Who can take advantage of it?

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Haryana.
  • The applicant should be a cattle rearer. Animals should have cow and buffalo!
  • The farmer should have a bank account!

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Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme Documents required for:-

  • Applicant should have Aadhaar card,
  • Applicant should have PAN card
  • Applicant should have Voter ID card
  • Applicant should have a working mobile number,
  • passport size photo,

Banks that give loan on Pashu Kisan Credit Card: –

  1. ICICI Bank
  2. HDFC Bank
  3. Bank of Baroda
  4. Axis Bank
  5. State Bank of India
  6. Punjab National Bank

How to apply for loan under Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme? , Pashu Kisan Credit Card Apply Online

  • Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme Of Registration Form Farmers can also fill directly by going to the bank!
  • For this Registration Form Will have to be filled and deposited in the bank itself, 1
  • Submit the necessary documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID Card and your passport size photo along with the application form.
  • After this, after checking all the documents and completing other formalities, the credit card will be delivered to you within a month!

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Registration Form Click on the link below for:

Registration Form

Important information about Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme:

loan amount 6 installments will reach the credit card. After the first installment of the loan amount is received Entire loan after one year It is necessary to return the amount. Only then you will be the beneficiary of the free loan, otherwise you will have to pay the interest rate.

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Frequently Asked Question:-

What is the purpose of Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme?

The objective of this scheme is to promote animal husbandry.

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme has been launched by whom?

Haryana government has started this scheme!

Which are the lending banks for Pashu Kisan Credit Card?

State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank etc.

What are the documents required for Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme?

Aadhaar card, pan card, voter id, mobile number, ration card etc are needed!

Who can avail Pashu Kisan Credit Card?

Cattle breeders of Haryana can take advantage of this scheme!

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