What is Polygraph & Narco Test? Why and how is it done?

Narco and Polygraph TestDay by day the extent of crimes in the country is increasing. Crimes also have their own categories. Talking about serious crimes, it includes many inhuman misdeeds like murder, kidnapping, rape. Sometimes it takes months or even years for the police to gather evidence to investigate criminal cases. In today’s era, as many crimes are increasing, as much technology is also being developed. In many cases, the criminal turns out to be very clever and in such a situation it is difficult to punish the person who has committed the crime.

Narco and polygraph test meaning in Hindi
Polygraph & Narco Test

You must have heard sometime or the other in the news channel that Narco or Polygraph test will be done on a criminal. Do you know What is Polygraph & Narco Test? And Why and how is Narco or Polygraph test done? So let us know in detail about Narco Test and Polygraph Test.

What is Polygraph & Narco Test?

There are many cases in India where the narco test of the criminal is ordered by the court. When a criminal tries to mislead the police with his statements, then the police have to face many difficulties in solving the case. For both polygraph test or narco test, permission has to be taken from the court. Narco and polygraphy tests have been done on many vicious criminals and terrorists in India.

Whether narco test will be done on any criminal or not, first of all you have to take permission from the court. The truth and falsehood of the criminal can be caught by narco test. When a criminal does not accept his crime, then in some special circumstances narco or polygraph test is done. The lie and truth of the accused can be caught very easily by Polygraph & Narco Test. In both narco test and polygraph test some questions are asked to the criminal on the basis of which the lie of the accused is caught. But there is a lot of difference between polygraph and narco test.

Narco and polygraph test meaning in Hindi

Narco is a Greek word which we use in English. anesthesia He also knows by name. narco is known as fainting or fainting in Hindi. Whereas a polygraph is a machine that is used to detect lies. It is also known as lie detector. Narco and Polygraph Test For that person’s consent is necessary.

Why and how is Narco or Polygraph test done?

Both these tests are done to detect lies. Narco test is conducted in the presence of forensic experts, investigating officer, doctor and psychologist. In this test, a criminal or a person is given a psychoactive drug called truth drug or sodium pentothal Or sodium amytal name is injected. As soon as this medicine takes effect, the guilty person reaches such a state where the person reaches some degree of unconsciousness.

In this test, due to the effect of the drug, the logical power of the person decreases and the person is not able to speak very fast. The person loses his ability to think and understand. In this situation the person is asked only the questions related to the case. The drug given in this test weakens the reasoning power of the person. In such a situation, that person’s ability to think and understand ends for some time. Due to which the possibility of telling the truth by that person increases a lot. The reaction of the body of the person is also seen in the narco test.

examination of person before narco test

Before the narco test of a person is done, the body of that person is examined. In physical examination, the test of that person’s body is taken and it is seen whether the person is fit to take the narco test or not. If the person is sick, old or the mental condition of that person is not correct, then in such a situation, narco test cannot be conducted on that person.

Narco test medicines are given to that person only after looking at the person’s health, age, gender. Many times the narco test fails due to overdose. Therefore, several precautions have to be taken before conducting the narco test. Sometimes a person can go into a coma due to overdose. Or that person may also die.

polygraph test

polygraph test

A machine is used in a polygraph test. The lie of the accused person is caught by the polygraph machine. The polygraph test is very helpful in producing evidence against a person involved in a heinous crime. In this test, changes in the heart rate, blood pressure and brain signals of the accused are observed.

narco or polygraph test For both, permission has to be obtained from the court first. On getting permission, in this test, the accused person is taken to a room and asked questions related to the crime. If he gives the wrong answer to the question asked, then a signal from his brain P300 ,P3) turns out. Simultaneously, there is a change in his heart rate and blood pressure. These signals are checked by saving these changes or signals in the computer.

Difference Between Narco Test And Polygraph Test (Difference Between Narco Test And Polygraph Test In Hindi)

To bring out the truth from a criminal in the matters of his allegations, narco or polygraph test of that criminal or accused is done. There is a lot of difference between these two tests, Narco and Polygraph. Many times people consider both narco test and polygraph test to be the same, whereas it is not so, there is a lot of difference between both the tests. Narco Test and Polygraph Test What is the difference between Let us know –

polygraph test ,Polygraph Test,narco test ,Narco test,
polygraph Or lie detector test Used to detect the lies of the criminal or the accused. narco The lie of the criminal or the accused is also caught by the test. And the accused also gives correct answers to the questions put to him.
At the time of polygraph test, the physical reactions of the accused or criminal person are assessed.
In this test body posture, blood pressure, pulse rate and heartbeat of the accused i.e. heart rate Sweat coming out of the body, movement of hands and feet are all monitored.
In narco test, the accused / criminal Synthetic is put into a hypnotic state.
polygraph means lie detector Machine
In this test, the lie of the accused can be caught but the truth cannot be made out of him.
opposite of polygraph test Narco test In this, the truth is called from the accused. to this test truth serum Also known by the name (Truth Serum).
polygraph test In this the accused is not given any dose of psychotropic or chemical. Opposite of polygraph Narco test to the accused during sodium pentothal The psychotropic drug named is injected. After which the accused goes into a state of unconsciousness with this medicine.
In this test, the dose given to the accused stops the ability of the accused to think and understand for some time.

polygraph test required

Polygraph tests are permitted only in certain circumstances; As –

  • sexually abused
  • Against being a false witness
  • drug use
  • private investigator
  • at the request of the lawyer
  • private investigator etc.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Polygraph & Narco Test

What is narco test?

Narco Test is a test which is done to extract the truth from the criminals or accused who are hiding the truth. The consent of the guilty person is also necessary in this test. To know the truth from the accused person in the narco test, he is given a Synthetic is put into a hypnotic state. During the narco test, the accused is given an injection named sodium Pentothal or sodium Amytal.

What is Polygraph Test?

Polygraph test is also done to know the lie of the criminal. The process of this test is different. No drug is given to the person nor any injection in the polygraph test. In this test, the body of the accused or suspect is connected to the wires of the machine and he is asked questions. In this test, the person’s heart beat, pulse, blood pressure, hand and leg movements are monitored. If a person lies or speaks wrong, then changes are seen in his brain signal, heart beat, pulse, blood pressure, hand leg movement.

What is the meaning of Narco and Polygraph Test in Hindi?

Narco or polygraph test in Hindi (Narco and Polygraph Test meaning in Hindi) is sedation or unconsciousness, while polygraph is a machine that is used to catch lies. This machine is attached to the person’s body.

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