SBI Asha Scholarship Program 2024 Apply Online, Application Last Date

SBI Asha Scholarship Program 2024 Apply Online, Eligibility, Last Date:- BI Foundation, a well-known bank partner, has introduced the SBI Asha Scholarship 2024. It’s under SBI’s CSR programme. “ASHA” means “Hope” in Hindi. This scholarship program helps disadvantaged youngsters whose parents can’t afford school tuition. The SBI Asha Scholarship helps low-income students who have excelled academically.

Students in grades 6-12 can apply for a full-year scholarship worth Rs. 15,000. This article details the SBI Asha Scholarship 2024. Then, the scholarship’s qualifications, deadlines, and application process. Before applying for this scholarship, read the entire article.

SBI Asha Scholarship Program 2024

This scholarship program is comprised of a variety of crucial components. We are making an attempt to arrange all of them in the format of a table right now. As a result of this, it will be practical for the students who are interested in applying for this scholarship to have a look at the table and make a note of the essential details regarding the SBI Asha Scholarship 2024. The following is contained in the table :

Article SBI Asha Scholarship 2024
Scholarship By SBI Foundation
Application Process Online
Start Date Live Now
Last Date 15th of October,2024 ( Tentative)
financial year 2024-2024
Assistance Rs 15,000 for a year
Official Website

It is essential for the students to be aware of the primary dates for the completion of the SBI Asha Scholarship 2024 application form. The candidates have already begun to submit their applications for the scholarship, and before to submit their applications for the scholarship, the candidates should also carefully review the qualifying conditions.

Criteria for Selection as a Recipient of the SBI Asha Scholarship 2024- Eligibility

A student is needed, prior to submitting an application for the scholarship, to have an understanding of the criteria that will be used to evaluate the student’s qualifications for the scholarship. Because of this, the requirements for eligibility that a student needs to meet in order to be awarded this scholarship have been outlined in detail and can be seen below.

  • The first thing to take into consideration is that the kid should be studying in sixth through twelfth grades here.
  • The second most significant condition is that the pupils should have earned a grade in their most recent class that was at least equivalent to 75% of the possible points.
  • In any event, the total income that the family receives from all of its sources should not be higher than three lakhs of Indian rupees.
  • The final qualification is that the candidate might hail from any region of India. To put it another way, any and all of India’s students are welcome to apply for this programme.

SBI Asha Scholarship Program Financial Assistance

The students who are selected to participate in this program will each receive a scholarship for one year worth fifteen thousand rupees.

Required Documents

The competent authority requires applicants to submit digital versions of the following documents along with their application form:

  • The report card for the most recent session. Mentioning the marks is really necessary.
  • A document that can be used to verify one’s identification and is approved by the Indian government.
  • A piece of paper that certifies that the individual in question is a real student at the institution.
  • a piece of paper that contains information on the applicant’s or their parent’s bank accounts.
  • A legal record that is issued by the appropriate government agency and that contains information regarding the level of the parent’s income.
  • Applicants must submit colored pictures at passport size.

SBI Asha Scholarship 2024 Apply Online

The following is a list of the actions that must be taken in order to submit an application for this scholarship:

  • Explore the scholarship section of the website that can be found at the following address:
  • The essential instructions will be displayed on the page that has been opened. After giving them your serious attention, proceed to click the “Apply Now” icon.
  • The Buddy4Study login page will automatically appear with the details, such as the Registration ID, that need to be filled out in order to access the page with the Online Application Form. In the event that a
  • candidate has not yet registered, they will be required to do so by providing either their email address, a contact number, or a Gmail account.
  • At long last, the prospective student will arrive at the official page for the SBI Asha Scholarship 2024.
  • At this point, a choice labeled “Start Application” will become available. Simply clicking on that will get you started on the scholarship application form-filling procedure.
  • Complete the application by providing the mandatory information that is requested.
  • The following step in the application process involves the candidate submitting the required papers by uploading them there. The following paragraph will contain a list of the documents that need to be uploaded.
  • After you have accepted the ‘Terms and Conditions,’ select the ‘Preview’ item from the menu.
  • At the very end, you should double verify all of the information that you filled out, and then hit on the icon that says “submit.”


Can I submit an application for this scholarship again the following year if I am offered participation in this program and it is awarded to me?

No, the candidate who has already been chosen cannot submit an application for it the following year. It is a scholarship program that is only offered once.

Since the annual income of my family is two lakh rupees, am I qualified to apply for this scholarship?

It is true that candidates for this scholarship who come from families with annual incomes of three lakh rupees or less will be considered.

How can I increase my chances of being chosen for this scholarship?

The selection is made in two stages, which are as follows:
1. Complete the application form in its entirety. The application as well as the applicant’s financial history will be evaluated by the authority.
2. Only the individuals whose applications were ultimately successful will be contacted by phone and asked questions during that call. At long last, the documents will be checked for accuracy throughout the verification process.

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