What is PWD Full Form and what are the functions of PWD

Friends, in this article we will tell you PWD Full Form What is ? We are going to provide detailed information about what is called PWD and what are its functions. To get complete information about PWD, definitely read the article till the end.

PWD Full Form

It is often seen that people speak the name of any department in short form. Therefore, before knowing about what is PWD, and its functions, it is important for you to know about what is PWD Full Form.


PWD Kya Hai

PWD is called Public Works Department in Hindi. This is a government department. The main work of this department is construction of roads, building construction, renovation, construction of government hospitals, construction of schools, construction of government houses. Apart from this, the work of repairing old roads, bridges, and government houses is also done by the PWD Department. Here we are going to tell you about the main functions of PWD.

Functions of PWD

There are many works under the Public Works Department, some of them are as follows:-

  • drinking water system
  • government building
  • construction of roads
  • building bridges
  • construction of government hospitals
  • construction of government schools
  • construction of government houses

to arrange drinking water

There are many areas in India where there is a problem of water, due to which many times people do not have drinking water. In such a situation, providing drinking water to the people and if the water pipeline bursts somewhere in the city, then its repair is done by the PWD department.

government building

Government buildings like government houses, hospitals, schools etc. are constructed by PWD and the repair work of old and damaged mythological and historical buildings is also done by Public Works Department (PWD).

construction of roads

The main work of PWD is related to construction and repair work. The work of construction of roads and repair of old roads is done by PWD itself.

building bridges

The work of repair of accident bridges and construction of new bridges is also done by PWD (Public Works Department).

Friends, apart from this, there are many functions of PWD, here we have shared information about the main functions of PWD, which are necessary to know about.

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